Nonelementary irreducible representations of $\text{Spin}(n,1)$


We study corners and fundamental corners of the irreducible sub-quotients of reducible elementary representations of the groups $G = \text{Spin}(n, 1)$. For even $n$ we obtain results in a way analogous to the results in [11] for the groups $SU(n,1)$. Especially, we again get a bijection between the nonelementary part $\hat G^0$ of the unitary dual $\hat G$ and the unitary dual $\hat K$. In the case of odd $n$ we get a bijection between $\hat G^0$ and a true subset of $\hat K$.

Spin(n,1), unitary representations, fundamental corners
Domagoj Kovačević; Hrvoje Kraljević
Nonelementary irreducible representations of $\text{Spin}(n,1)$ 617.2KB